A word from Dr. Dale A. Rolando On a great day we save a smile. On an amazing day we save a life

On a great day we save a smile! On an amazing day we save a life!!
Dr. Dale Rolando, DMD, FAGD
My, how dentistry has changed in the 40 years that I have been in private practice. What I am most pleased about, with these changes, is how I can look at my patients, as a whole, not just as teeth and gums, but also their TMJs, how their bite can affect their teeth, their supporting muscles, and their whole mouth. Some of these signs that I look for can also tell me about their overall health, including whether they may have a breathing-related sleep problem.
Patients likely spend more time with their dentist than their physicians. Therefore, I would like to feel as if I have the opportunity to help my patients achieve total wellness.
With our increasingly, ever-changing, and growing knowledge, I am able to screen our patients for breathing-related sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. This could be a matter of life, or death. When a patient takes the time to thoroughly, and honestly, fill out a questionnaire, and it raises concerns, we can then discuss avenues of treatment.
In addition to sleep concerns, we are more aware of a connection between oral bacteria and medical conditions. Heart disease, strokes, seizures, bacterial pneumonia and Type II diabetes are showing a connection. Now, we are starting to wonder if there is a chance of a connection with an increased chance of colon cancer and possibly Alzheimer’s and dementia.
With all of this growing information, I personally feel as if dentistry can help change patients’ lives for the better. This is why I continue to practice and continue to want to learn, so that I can truly be an advocate for my patients and their health.