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When you come to Rolando Dentistry, we want you to know we care about your total dental health. At your complete, comprehensive examination we will:

  • Discuss your concerns and needs
  • Review your medical history
  • Complete an oral cancer screening (early detection is key to treatment & recovery)
  • Evaluate your gums health for signs of disease
  • Check for cavities
  • Evaluate your mouth for signs and symptoms of an unstable bite
  • Take your blood pressure

We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your entire mouth is healthy and that your smile is dazzling.

Rolando Dentistry Services Include:

Comprehensive evaluations including:

  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Digital Radiography (X-Rays That Reduce Radiation)
  • Periodontal (Gum) Analysis
  • Occlusion (Bite) / TMJ Screening
  • Dental Caries (Decay) Detection

Periodontal (Gum Treatment):

  • Non-surgical gum treatment (scaling/root planing)
  • Oral prophylaxis – routine cleanings
  • Home care instructions
  •  Arestin antibiotic
  • Rota-dent


  • Composite (tooth-colored) and Amalgam (silver) fillings
  • Crowns (porcelain, captek, full gold)

Prosthodontics (To Replace Missing Teeth):

  • Implants
  • Cemented bridges
  •  Dentures (removable, partial, and complete)


Root canal treatment

Oral surgery:

Removal of erupted teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry:

  • Lumineers (ultra-thin, no prep veneers, requiring no local anesthesia)
  • Conventional veneers
  • Whitening – Zoom (In-office and At Home Treatments available)

Nitrous Oxide:

  • “Laughing Gas” for patient relaxation and comfort


All Phases of General Dentistry for the Whole Family!