5 B’s of Integrative Dental Medicine

Did you know that when you visit a “Complete Dentist” that they can help with you with what we refer to as the 5 B’s.

Dentist like Dr. Dale Rolando who have devoted their learning to becoming a Complete Dentist can help you with learning how your dental health can be cause for many commonly diagnosed issues such as Sleep Apnea, Stroke, Depression, Obesity and more. Working with your dentist and Primary Care Physician can help you to begin to eliminate many common afflictions.

Make an appointment today to meet with Dr. Dale Rolando and find out how with a comprehensive dental exam and his expertise, you maybe able to correct many issues you maybe having.


Anatomy of Normal Sleep

In my studies with the Dawson Academy, I have been enlightened to how your wellness, not only dental wellness but over all wellness effects so many aspects of your life. Continue reading

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Dr. Dale and Dr. Sue Rolando and the entire staff of Rolando Dentistry. We hope everyone enjoys their time with family and friends.