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Occlusal Disease

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Do you have muscle tenderness or tension?

Do you suffer from headaches? Broken or loose teeth?

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Snoring isn't a laughing matter!

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Snoring is an alarm telling you something is wrong

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Everyone needs a dentist who is honest and they feel they can trust. That is what you will get when you visit Rolando Dentistry.

At Rolando Dentistry our philosophy about dental health is simple. We believe that every patient deserves a thorough complete evaluation, whether it be for emergency care or complete care. This allows us to help our patients achieve and maintain a healthy stable mouth. We believe in treating our patients with the utmost respect when evaluating their needs.

Drs. Sue and Dale Rolando have been practicing dentistry in the Conway area since 1990. Our goal is to treat all of our patients as we would our family and friends. We listen to our patients and give them the best treatment options to meet their dental needs. Our office has a friendly, relaxed and comfortable feeling. Our staff is extremely dependable and has dental experience ranging from 15 to 40 years.

Prevention can not be stressed enough in our practice. Whether it is in regards to educating our patients with proper flossing and brushing techniques to help prevent gum disease and dental decay from occurring, explaining why restoring teeth properly can prevent further damage created from bacteria or stressful mechanical forces, or explaining why we analyze the muscles and bite to prevent stressful mechanical forces from causing headaches, muscle soreness, or further damage to teeth and muscles, prevention will always be the focus of how we treat our patients.

We welcome you to Rolando Dentistry, where trust, respect and honesty are what we build our relationships on.